Interpet Aquarium Swimbladder Treatment

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This Interpet Aquarium Swimbladder Treatment can help fish that have lost their buoyancy control due to infections, helping them gain control of their swimming again.


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Product Information

Interpet Swimbladder Treatment is a highly effective water treatment designed to cure bacterial swim bladder infections. The swim bladder can become infected and this can cause a loss of buoyancy control, causing the fish to swim upside down and if left untreated it can cause stress and can be fatal.

This product is safe for use with aquarium plants and will not disrupt the filtration process of the aquarium. To provide precise, effective treatment this product include a measuring cup and pipette, as well as instructions and a guide to fish health.

Key Features:

  • Treats bacterial swimbladder infections
  • Easy to dose measuring cup and pipette
  • Safe for usewith plants and aquarium filters

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