Interpet Fish Pod 64 cabinet

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The Interpet Fish Pod 64 is a complete aquarium kit that includes all of the essential equipment required for a tropical aquarium. It features a panoramic, curved glass view and includes an easy starter kit to encourage the aquarium filtration system to quickly mature. It also includes a heater, filter and lighting unit


  • Fish Pod 64 Cabinet
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Product Information

The Interpet Fish Pod 64 is the perfect aquarium set for both the beginner and experienced aquarium keeper. The 64 litre aquarium includes a curved glass front that allows a panoramic view and includes all of the essential equipment required to keep a tropical or coldwater tank. There is also a day and night lighting unit that allows the promotion of plant growth and to keep your fish looking their best at night and day.

The easycare filtration system includes a PF2 filter, that comes with filter foam, bio media and carbon. It also includes an Interpet Delta-Therm 100 watt heater and to encourage the maturity of the biological filtration in the aquarium there is an Easy Start Aquarium Kit, including Bio-Active Tapsafe and Filter Start.

A matching cabinet is also available to complement this attractive aquarium and is sold seperately.


  • 64 litre aquarium
  • Tropical upgrade kit
  • Interpet Day and Night lighting unit
  • Interpet Daylight compact bulb (15 watts)
  • Interpet Blue Moon compact bulb (15 watts)
  • Interpet PF2 filter (9 watts)
  • Filter media, PF2 foam, bio-media and carbon
  • Delta-Therm 100 watt heater
  • Easy Start Aquarium Kit (Bio-active Tapsafe and Filter Start)

Dimensions: 61 x 32 x 46cm / 24" x 12.6" x 18.1" (L x W x H)

At a glance:

  • Bow fronted view
  • Includes a tropical upgrade kit
  • Includes all of the essential equipment required to a keep an aquarium
  • Lighting unit, filter and heater included

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