Interpet Fish Pod 64 cabinet

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The Interpet Fish Pod 64 is a complete aquarium kit that includes all of the essential equipment required for a tropical aquarium. It features a panoramic, curved glass view and includes an easy starter kit to encourage the aquarium filtration system to quickly mature. It also includes a heater, filter and lighting unit


  • Fish Pod 64 Cabinet
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Product Information

The Interpet Fish Pod 64 is the perfect aquarium set for both the beginner and experienced aquarium keeper. The 64 litre aquarium includes a curved glass front that allows a panoramic view and includes all of the essential equipment required to keep a tropical or coldwater tank. There is also a day and night lighting unit that allows the promotion of plant growth and to keep your fish looking their best at night and day.

The easycare filtration system includes a PF2 filter, that comes with filter foam, bio media and carbon. It also includes an Interpet Delta-Therm 100 watt heater and to encourage the maturity of the biological filtration in the aquarium there is an Easy Start Aquarium Kit, including Bio-Active Tapsafe and Filter Start.

A matching cabinet is also available to complement this attractive aquarium and is sold seperately.


  • 64 litre aquarium
  • Tropical upgrade kit
  • Interpet Day and Night lighting unit
  • Interpet Daylight compact bulb (15 watts)
  • Interpet Blue Moon compact bulb (15 watts)
  • Interpet PF2 filter (9 watts)
  • Filter media, PF2 foam, bio-media and carbon
  • Delta-Therm 100 watt heater
  • Easy Start Aquarium Kit (Bio-active Tapsafe and Filter Start)

Dimensions: 61 x 32 x 46cm / 24" x 12.6" x 18.1" (L x W x H)

At a glance:

  • Bow fronted view
  • Includes a tropical upgrade kit
  • Includes all of the essential equipment required to a keep an aquarium
  • Lighting unit, filter and heater included

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    Date 05/08/2015 12:08pm
    Interpet Fish Pod 64 Cabinet
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    Super fast delivery, the cabinet had loads of different screws and other items and my wife with no experience managed to put it together for me before the cricket had finished.