Interpet Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp

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A perfect natural treat for marine fish, Interpet Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp can be addes to your water for your fish to feast on, featuring a diet more like their natural one with plenty of protein and vitamins to keep them healthy.


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Product Information

Freeze dried foods are great staple to keep in your cupboard. The Interpet Freeze Dried Brine Shrimps are treated with Gamma radiation to remove all chances of disease and infection before being freeze dried.

Freeze drying keeps all of the nutrients locked inside the food source, which is then directly transferred to your fish.

These tiny cubes contain a high level of vitamins, minerals and protein too, which boost the health and vitality of your fish and other aquatic life.

It makes a tasty treat 2-3 times per week for all cold water, tropical and marine fish.

Only feed a little to avoid a waste build up and tank pollution.

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