Interpet Freeze Dried River Shrimp

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Freshwater fish can enjoy a shrimpy meal too, with Interpet Freeze Dried River Shrimp, stuffing with tasty proteins and vitamins, this is as close to a natural live diet as your fish could possibly hope for.


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Product Information

Interpet Freeze Dried River Shrimp are a tasty addition to your fish's diet.

River shrimp are a great treat for larger fish such as Cichlids.

They are packed with protein, minerals and vitamins plus Essential Fatty Acids. As Interpet treat the shrimp with gamma rays, all contaminants are removed with any risk of disease, making the food completely pathogen free.

Freeze drying makes sure that all of the natural nutrients are locked into this delicious supplement to your fish's diet. Use alongside a good quality food.

Suitable for cold water, marine and tropical fish.

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