Interpet Green Away

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Interpet Green Away helps to rid your aquarium of green water by binding together floating algae particles. This helps to increase water clarity and can be safely used with aquarium plants


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Product Information

Interpet Green Away is a plant friendly algae treatment, designed to clear away floating green algae from the water.

Non-toxic to plants within the tank, this product is completely safe and will simply leave your aquarium looking clear and clean.

It works by clumping together the minute green algae molecules that are then much more easily filtered out by the aquariums mechanical filtration. By ridding the aquarium of algae particles Interpet Green Away helps to increase aeration within the aquarium, as well as improving the clarity of the water.

Dosage: 5ml treats 25 litres / 5.5 gallons.

Key Features:

  • Helps to clear green water
  • Treats aquariums up to 500ltrs
  • Safe for use with aquarium plants
  • Clumps together algae particles for easier filtration
  • Helps to increase oxygen availability
  • Improves water clarity

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    Date 13/12/2015 17:12pm
    Interpet Green Away - 100ml
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    I have used the product before. Value for money.
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    Date 06/09/2016 08:09am
    Interpet Green Away - 125ml
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    Thus product is very good and did what it said it would