JBL AquaEX 10 - 35 Nano

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This JBL AquaEX 10 - 35 Nano is a gravel cleaner designed specifically for use on mini and nano aquariums, with a more precise suction capability, it will get the job done with less chance of damaging your mini-aquascape.


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Product Information

The JBL AquaEX 10 - 35 Nano is a gravel cleaner just for nano aquariums.

It suits small aquariums of 10-35cm in height. The device is moved over the gravel, sucking up dirty water and removing particles of dirt and waste easily.

The square shape fits neatly into the corners of the tank for the best clean possible, leaving no piece of gravel unturned, and your aquarium cleaner for longer.

It even has a protective net to stop shrimps and small fish from being sucked in accidentally, so you can use the device in between water changes, whenever it's needed.

It includes 1.5m of hose so it's ready to use straight away!

Dimensions: 3.5cm wide x 12cm high.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for small aquariums
  • A removable suction net protects shrimps and small fish from being accidentally sucked in.
  • Squared shape means easy to clean corners
  • Measurements: 3.5 centimetre (lower width) x 12 centimetre (height).
  • Hose connection width: 9 / 12 millimetre.
  • Includes 1.5 metre hose.

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