JBL Cu Test Set

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Test your aquarium water for the presence and levels of Copper using a Cu Test Set. Copper can be poison at higher levels for many types of aquatic life, and monitoring is advised for a healthy tank.


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Product Information

The JBL Copper Test SET Cu will expertly test for copper in both salt and fresh water aquariums as well as mains water. It will also obtain results in water discoloured by peat and tainted with disease.

Copper is present in some treatments and medications, however it is important to ensure that the levels are monitored, as if left unchecked, this heavy metal can be toxic to some plants and fish. It can also damage biological filter media too.

JBL recommend that levels never exceed 0.3mg/l as too much can be toxic, however too little can be insufficient for plant and fish needs.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for use in fresh and salt water
  • Can be used in peat and tap water too
  • Kit contains solutions, syringe, testing containers and stand, plus colour chart to compare findings
  • Has enough for 50 tests

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