JBL Floaty Nano

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JBl Floaty Nano algae magnets are perfect for cleaning aquarium glass in mini fish tanks, where getting your hand in the water is simply not an option. Get one at the best price here at Swell.


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Product Information

The JBL Floaty Nano is the ideal algae magnet for nano aquariums. It can be used on aquariums of up to 4mm.

Small aquariums can still suffer from an algae problem. This strong little magnet will scrub away even the most stubborn patches, leaving a sparkling tank. It's small size means that it takes up little room and will not detract from the look of your aquarium.

If the inner part of the magnet detaches, it will float to the surface, which stops you having to fish around for it in the tank. It can be caught using the outer magnet.

Unlike other algae magnets, the Floaty Nano can be used in both plastic and glass aquariums without scratching the surface.

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