JBL Florapol

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A clay-based substrate perfect for planted aquariums, this JBL Florapol gives your aquatic plants something to dig their roots into, giving them a rich nutrient source for up to 3 years!


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Product Information

JBL Florapol is a clay substrate which contains a high level of iron, perfect to boost plant growth.

Florapol is designed to be used in addition to other substrates in the aquarium, such as gravel. Simply mix the required amount of Florapol with five to ten times as much unwashed gravel, and place onto the floor of the tank. Then cover with a 4-6cm layer of washed gravel. This creates a rich base layer for aquatic plants.

As this is a clay based product it slowly releases the iron in to the water, at just the right rate for healthy plant growth. It also binds nutrients from the water and releases them slowly. It will last for around 3 years, saving money and time whilst supporting beautiful foliage in your aquarium.

Use in conjunction with JBL's other fertiliser products such as Ferropol 24, which adds a daily boost of iron and trace elements to the water.

Key Features:

  • Slow release of vital iron for healthy growth
  • Ideal for a new aquarium
  • Creates ideal base layer below gravel
  • This 350g pack is suitable for aquariums 50-80cm in size. Use 2 packs for aquariums of 80- 120cm in size.

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