JBL M1003 CO2 Set

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A more complete CO2 system for planted aquariums, this JBL M1003 CO2 Set features a more exact delivery system as well as the hoses and diffusers needed to get your planted aquarium thriving.


  • M1003 CO2 Set
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Product Information

Packed with accessories and features, the JBL ProFlora m1003 CO2 System is designed to expertly provide your aquarium with the right amount of CO2.

Well known for their top quality aquatic equipment, JBL have thought of everything in this value for money system. Carbon dioxide is an absolute essential nutrient in a planted aquarium to boost healthy growth.

The unit has a refillable CO2 cylinder complete with stand and a pressure reduce for the optimum flow rate. To monitor the levels within your planted aquarium, the kit includes a pH control device to fully monitor the delicate balance within your aquarium.

The kit also includes a JBL Taifun diffuser which will professionally spread oxygen around the tank to every plant. Lots of accessories are included, such as hose, a KH test kit and fertiliser supplements.

Specifications: 110 - 240V; 50-60Hz.

What's in the box?

  • 2 kg CO2 cylinder with stand
  • Pressure reducer
  • pH control device
  • JBL Taifun CO2 diffuser (430mm)
  • 2m x CO2 hose
  • CO2 check valve
  • KH test
  • Fertiliser supplements
  • Tools

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