JBL M502 CO2 Set

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JBL M502 CO2 Sets featuring the tubing, carbon dioxide, diffusers and valves needed to create the perfect CO2 system for your aquatic flora in your planted aquarium, ready to be assembled.


  • Proflora m602 CO2 Set
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Product Information

The JBL M502 CO2 Set is an upgraded version of the M601 CO2 Set, as it includes a Night Shut Off Valve too.

Carbon dioxide is a must have in your aquarium, it keeps plants not only looking beautiful but glowing with health, and keeps fish in the best atmosphere too.

Plants don't need a 24 hour supply of carbon dioxide, so the included Night Shut Off Valve is perfect to cut off the provision, saving CO2 and energy too. Use it with a timer (not included) to set the most convenient time for you.

The system includes a 500g gas bottle of CO2, complete with a stand for ease of use.

The simple to use precision pressure regulator has a pre-set operating pressure, so that exact dosages are simply to do. The CO2 is distributed around the aquarium evenly via the Vario Diffuser included, and it can be adapted to fit any size aquarium with an extension set (not included).

A CO2 Permanent Test is included, which remains in the tank to give a constant value of the CO2 in your tank.

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Gas bottle with 500 g CO2.
  • 1 x Stand for gas bottle.
  • 1 x Precision pressure reducer.
  • 1 x CO2 Vario diffusion system (aquarium height min. 30 cm).
  • 1 x Safety valve
  • 1 x Magnetic Valve for night switch-off.
  • 1 x Connection hose 4/6 mm.
  • 1 x CO2 permanent test.

Product Specification

Product Handy Hints
JBL Proflora m602 CO2 Set (Complete With Gauges & Solenoid)Extension Options: Automatic pH controller (see pH controllers). Maintenance: The CO2-vario Diffusion System is made from grey-coloured makrolon, preventing virtually any algae settling in the bubble channel. Cleaning can be carried out when required using clean tap water. The device can be dismantled into its individual components by simply pulling the sections apart vertically. After cleaning, the sections can be simply put back together again. The catch on each module part should be correctly positioned to create a continuous channel for the bubbles. Changing bottles: When the bottle pressure begins to drop below 30 bar, the bottle should be disconnected and refilled or changed for a full bottle. The pressure in the bottle is not an indication of the amount of CO2 contained in the bottle. This can only be ascertained by weighing. The pressure indicated only begins to fall when the bottle is practically empty. Procedure: Close the bottle valve and wait until both pressure gauges indicate 0. Close the dosage valve on the pressure reducer. Unscrew the pressure reducer from the bottle and connect to a full bottle. Carefully open the bottle valve and re-set the number of bubbles required using the dosage valve on the pressure reducer.

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