JBL NanoMix

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Look after the tiny fish in your nano aquarium with JBL NanoMix - a healthy fish food featuring a balanced nutrient profile, tailor made for tiny aquatic fauna. Packed with vitamins and minerals, it comes at a great price from Swell UK.


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Product Information

JBL NanoMix is a perfectly proportioned food for small fish in a nano aquarium.

A whole, natural food, it is perfect for multiple species of tropical fish. It contains over 50 raw ingredients in 4 various granules to form a food that appeals to various fish. With a high protein - fat ratio

A special high temperature method ensures that the granules are easily digested, which reduces water pollution and waste. The soft granules appeal to delicate, soft mouthed fish and encourage good feeding.

Vitamin C has been added to boost the immune system and the resistance to stress and disease.

Feeding Instructions:

1-2 measuring spoonfuls per day for approximately 10-15 fish. Measuring spoon included.

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