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These JBL NovoPearls are a perfect fish food for many freshwater fish, filled with a rich nutrient profile, they are less likely to contribute to bio-waste in your aquarium, effecting the nitrogen cycle.


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Product Information

JBL NovoPearl combines all of JBL expertise in fish food in a unique pearl format.

Containing protein rich spirulina algae, wheat germ and immune system boosting vitamins E and C, these nutrition packed pearls of food are ideal for aquarium goldfish. Vitamin C is ideal to boost resistance to stress and therefore disease.

Easily digested, this food contains a low amount of phosphate so does not contribute to algae growth or a high waste level. The pellets float to allow easy feasting and maximum effect.

The tub has a handy 'click shut' lid to keep the food fresh and can also be used with other fish foods in the JBL range.

Only feed your fish as much as they can eat, and remove all uneaten pearls after a few minutes.

Key Features:

  • 20% Wheat germ for optimum digestion.
  • 53% natural plant ingredients
  • Rich in spirulina algae
  • With natural Vitamin E and stabilised Vitamin C for antioxidants and immunity to disease

Ingredients: cereals (20% wheatgerm), vegetables, fish and fish by-products, crustaceans, algae and yeasts.

Crude protein: 29.5 %
Crude fat: 4 %
Crude fibre: 5 %
Crude ash: 10.5 %

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    Date 24/12/2014 10:12am
    JBL Novo Pearl 100ml
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    Date 15/06/2015 18:06pm
    JBL Novo Pearl 100ml
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    Date 14/11/2014 17:11pm
    JBL Novo Pearl 100ml
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    I would not use any other product The JBL Novo Pearls help to keep your goldfish tank in tip top condition. I have found that other goldfish feed tends to cloud the water very quickly. I use the pearls along with fresh weed and this seems to be ideal for the health of the fish.
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    Date 11/02/2015 11:02am
    JBL Novo Pearl 100ml
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    Date 06/12/2016 13:12pm
    JBL Novo Pearl 100ml
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