JBL Pro Temp Basis

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Create a warm convection current in your planted aquarium with a JBL Pro Temp Basis, available in two sizes to help you create the perfect aquatic setup for your flora.


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Product Information

Under gravel heating is a useful component, ideal to boost the temperature of the water and create a gentle current. JBL's ProTemp B2heat cables are ideal to support a planted aquarium.

This warm convection current ensures an efficient exchange of water nutrients in the upper sections of the aquarium, this seeps down into the base of the tank enriching the roots at source. This results in beautiful healthy plants.

This under gravel heating system will create the most natural method of plant growth. This system will help to prevent any stagnant areas within the tank, as the gentle current will support development even in the deepest, darkest corners.

Key Features:

  • Silicon coated, rot resistant cable
  • 2 x 2m unheated cable for connection
  • Transformer
  • LED for function check

Protemp 250:

  • 4m heated cable
  • 2 x 2m none heated cable
  • 24v
  • Power input 20 watts
  • Suits aquariums 100 - 250 litres

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