JBL Proflora pH-Control

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With planted aquariums, knowledge is power, and this JBL Proflora pH-Control unit allows you the ability to closely monitor your temperature and pH levels in your aquarium to allow for the best environment.


  • Proflora pH-Control
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Product Information

The JBL ProFlora pH Controller is packed with features to expertly monitor the level of pH, temperature and the COO2 value of your aquarium.

The control includes everything needed to set up an efficient system that will help you maintain the perfect balance.

The unit has an LED display that indicates all of the studied parameters; pH, temperature, electrode status, time until next calibration needed and measuring accuracy. The unit also has a key lock via password for added security.

The controller has an automatic function. Simply test the carbonate hardness of the water with the KH Test Kit included, and enter the results. The device will then calculate the optimal pH level. Or you can enter the desired pH level manually if required.

The unit has a variety of extra functions, including an alarm to alert you of problems or failures, variable brightness and contrast, language options and more. The unit can be wall mounted, fittings are included. 

Measuring the values of pH and CO2 is important to ensure the water conditions are adequate for healthy, vibrant plants and fish. Left unchecked these values can lead to fish stress and disease and failing plants.

The unit has a built in solenoid valve, which offers precise readings that you can rely on. Calibration fluids are also included, as are cleaning fluids and distilled water for a professional result.

Please note that the JBL pH Electrode must be purchased separately.

What's in the box?

  • CO2/pH control 12 V+ measuring and display device.
  • Wall mount with screws.
  • Universal power unit.
  • Temperature sensor.
  • 50 ml each of buffer solution pH7 and pH 4.
  • 50 ml storage and revitalisation solution for pH sensor.
  • 50 ml de-ionised water.
  • CH Test Set.
  • 3 calibration trays with handy stands.

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