JBL ProFlora SafeStop 2

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Ensure your aquatic CO2 system is safe with this JBL SafeStop CO2 check Valve, securing your CO2 supply and ensuring it gets used where it is needed - your tank!


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Product Information

JBL ProFlora SafeStop CO2 Check Valve (Non-return valve) can be used with a variety of units for the very best performance.

It can be used with a variety of systems such as the JBL ProFlora CO2 systems, pH controllers and more.

The valve will stop water flowing back and protect valuable equipment from erosion and further damage.

  • Special water backflow stop for aquarium accessories
  • Accessory for CO2 systems, pH control devices and solenoid valves
  • Easy to install: integrate the backflow stop between diffuser and CO2 system with the arrow in the direction to the aquarium
  • For CO2 hoses with Ø 4/6 mm
  • Package contents: water backflow stop for CO2 systems, ProFlora SafeStop

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