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JBL Spirulina is a fish food featuring a rich protein source and packed full of vitamins and minerals, made from Spirulina algae found in the find, and supplemented by a few extra goodies for excellent fish health.


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Product Information

Spirulina is a commonly used ingredient in fish food, and is especially good for grazing fresh water and salt water fish.

 This Spirulina fish food from JBL is packed with over 40% of the protein packed algae, creating a rich, nutritious food. Spirulina also contains carotenoids to enhance the naturally beautiful colours of tropical fish.

It also contains a balanced recipe of animal proteins, vegetable matter and plant fibres to boost fish health and ensure that your fish are enjoying the most natural diet possible. Vitamins and trace elements are also included to promote the immune system and resistance to stress and diseases.

It creates little waste, and as the food is low in phosphates it also reduces the risk of algae.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed 1-3 times per day, just as much as your fish will eat. Always remove uneaten food after a few minutes.

Key Features:

  • Natural food for grazing fish
  • 40% Spirulina algae
  • Contains animal proteins from shrimp
  • Garlic extract supports immune system
  • Low waste for a cleaner tank
  • Medium sized flakes


Algae ( incl. 40 % spirulina platensis), vegetables ( incl. 1 % garlic), cereals, vegetable protein extracts, molluscs and crustaceans(2 % shrimp), fish, vegetable by-products, yeast, sugar, lecithin.

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    Date 26/03/2017 06:03am
    JBL Spirulina 100ml
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    Great food.cihlids love it.
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    Date 21/10/2016 08:10am
    JBL Spirulina 100ml
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    Date 16/06/2017 06:06am
    JBL Spirulina 100ml
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    Stop it now! Dear me this is kind of needy!
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    Date 14/04/2015 20:04pm
    JBL Spirulina 100ml
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    the fish love this
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    Date 12/10/2015 14:10pm
    JBL Spirulina 100ml
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    As Above