JBL TestLab Marin

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This JBL TestLab Marin is designed for saltwater aquariums and gives you easy and accurate readings about the most important chemical factors in your aquarium water, allowing you to take action if something seems wrong.


  • TestLab Marin
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Product Information

The JBL TestLab Marin is packed with 10 professional tests that cover all manner of parameters in your salt water aquarium. Many are available to purchase individually, for more information simply click the link for each test. 

Key Features:

  • The set contains ten tests.
  • Waterproof plastic case containing 11 glass cuvettes, 2 syringes, thermometer, ballpoint pen, and analysis logs, as well as comprehensive instructions.
  • Laboratory comparator system takes into account self-colour that water may have.

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    JBL TestLab Marin
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    good product
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    JBL TestLab Marin
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