JBL U401 CO2 Set

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Get your new planted aquarium off to the best start using this JBL U501 CO2 Set, featuring eveything you need to build your own custom CO2 delivery system to help your plants grow at their best.


  • Proflora u501 CO2 Set
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Product Information

Part of JBL'S excellent range of CO2 equipment, the JBL U501 CO2 Set contains everything you need to supply your planted aquarium with the right dose of carbon dioxide for healthy plant growth and development.

The kit includes a disposable CO2 cylinder, and a diffuser to expertly share the nutrient around the tank. With hose and even a test to monitor the pH and carbon dioxide levels, this system is ready to plug and play.

The set even includes the top quality Ferropol fertilizer to supplement iron and other essential nutrients.

Easy to install and use, the U501 set is manufactured to the highest standard and designed to last. This kit is designed to be used with aquariums up to 400 litres.

Replacement JBL CO2 canisters are available at a discounted price from Swell UK.

What's in the box?

  • 500g CO2 disposable canister
  • Precise pressure reducer
  • Diffuser
  • Check valve
  • CO2 hose
  • pH-/CO2 permanent test
  • Full Instructions

Product Specification

Product Volume
JBL Proflora u501 CO2 Set Up to 400Ltrs

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