Juwel AutoFeeder

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Ensure your fish are well fed during your temporary absence with this Juwel AutoFeeder for fish, capable of dosing your aquarium with flakes or pellets up to 60 times!


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Product Information

All newer model Juwel aquariums are equipped with a removable section within the flap to allow the fitting of the Juwel Automatic Feeder.

This means that with this efficient addition, you can make sure that your fish are fed simply and easily, whether you are home or away. As the unit is designed to keep food dry, despite the humidity of the aquarium.

Perfect for all types of fish food including, flake, pellets and tablet form, the Autofeeder has an adjustable food outlet. It can also hold enough food to feed your fish for 30 days. (60 doses of food)

Key Features:

  • Holds flake, pellets and tablet fish food
  • Fits easily into the ready-made gap in the High Lite Aquariums
  • Food capacity for approx. 30 days (60 doses).
  • Power supply: 2 type AA 1,5 batteries (batteries included).

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