Juwel Colour-Lite T8 Tubes

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Ever popular, this Juwel Colour-Lite T8 Tubes highlight the red and blue colours of your aquarium fish, turning your aquatic display into something a big special indeed!


  • Colour-Lite 438mm / 15 Watt
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  • Colour-Lite 590mm / 18 Watt
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  • Colour-Lite 742mm / 25 Watt
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  • Colour-Lite 895mm / 30 Watt
    code: 86330 In stock Only 3 left in stock
  • Colour-Lite 1047mm / 38 Watt
    code: 86338 In stock Only 1 left in stock
  • Colour-Lite 1200mm / 36 Watt
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Product Information

Juwel Colour-Lite T8 Tubes create a bright, stimulating red light that produces a specific spectrum of light which is perfect for highlighting the red and blue colours of fish, plant and corals.

Juwel's T8 tubes are perfect for use in their exclusive range of aquariums, and will show off the natural beauty of your fish and plants in the best possible lights. The Colour-Lite is ideal to use with the Juwel Daylight T8 to illuminate your tank to the maximum.


  • Diameter: 2.6cm / 1"

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