Juwel Dual Poster Background

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Add a little design to your aquarium using these Juwel Dual Poster Background - each side features a different design so you can change the style of your aquarium quickly, making it feel like new!


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Product Information

The Juwel Dual Poster is not only a beautiful addition to your aquarium, but also saves you money, as both sides have a different, unique design.

An aquarium background is the ideal accessory as it can bring together all of the décor, plants and of course life forms that your aquarium houses. Both sides of this poster depict an underwater habitat; one side is simply a sea blue, whereas the reverse is water with light streaming through it.

Attachment of your new poster is a quick and easy process when using Juwel Poster Fix Aquarium Adhesive. Unlike tape adhesives, Poster Fix will eliminate the gap between the poster and the aquarium, thereby allowing the maximum amount of light to penetrate.


  • Small: 60 x 30 cm / 23.6 x 11.9 inch
  • Large: aquariums between 80 x 50 cm to 100cm x 50cm
  • Extra large: aquariums  from 120 x 60 cm to 150 x 60 cm

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