Juwel High Lite T5 End Caps

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Connect your T5 lighting system the correct and safe way with these Juwel High Lite T5 End Caps, ensuring a proper connection that won't let you down.


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Product Information

The Juwel High Lite T5 End Caps are the essential accessory for use with the Juwel T5 bulbs. These high quality end caps are water tight and ensure that the T5 Juwel Light Units remain waterproof, even from condensation.

Juwel recommend that the end caps are changed every time the T5 tube is replaced, this avoids the risk of natural wear and tear, and keeps your equipment in the best possible condition.

Key Features:

  • Guarantee that T5 Juwel Light units remain waterproof
  • Specifically designed for use in aquariums
  • Ideally to be changed every time T5 fluorescent tubes are changed.
  • Each pack comes with two end caps

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