Juwel Lido 200 Aquarium and Cabinet - Black

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This Juwel Lido 200 Aquarium and Cabinet - Black features a slightly more modern style but is still just as versatile as it is in other colours, allowing you freedom when building your perfect aquascape.


  • Lido 200 LED Aquarium and Cabinet - Black
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Product Information

This 200 litre aquarium in stylish black comes complete with cabinet, filtration system, lighting and heater to create the best possible tropical fish tank. The cubic design looks contemporary and chic, and will create a stunning centre piece in any room.

The LIDO 200 is equipped with a powerful Bioflow 3.0 for optimum filtration. The internal filter uses five types of media (included) to process the water fully, and leave it crystal clear. An Eccoflow circulation pump is also included, which means you can be confident that the water is properly rotated for maximum health. The pump runs quietly, so it will not cause any disturbance if used in a living space. A 200 watt Juwel submersible heater is also included, which provides sensitive and accurate readings, so that you can be sure your tank is adequately heated.

Juwel's own lighting system is built in to the hood. The High Lite system consists of two 28 watt T5 tubes. They provide excellent illumination within the tank, essential for healthy plants and fish, and also imperative to give you the best view of your fish tank. T5 fluorescent tubes are more energy efficient and long lasting than their more traditional counterparts, so provide great value for money. Replacement bulbs are easily available from us here at Swell.

Key features:

  • Aquarium dimensions - 71cm x 51cm x 65cm
  • Cabinet dimensions - 71cm x 51cm x 80cm
  • Juwel High-Lite T5 lighting system
  • Bioflow 3 internal filter with filter media - COMPACT Poly Pad 3.0, Carbon sponge 3.0, Nitrax 3.0, 2x Sponge fine 3.0, Sponge Coarse 3.0
  • Heater thermostat 200w
  • 200 Litre aquarium
  • Also available in cool white

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