Juwel Phorax

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Juwel Phorax filter media can be popped inside the Juwel Filter range to stop algae growth in it's tracks, allowing your aquatic plants to use more of the nutrients available in your tank for healthy growth.


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Product Information

Phorax filter media is designed for use within the Juwel filter range.

Phorax reduces the level of phosphate in the water which in turn halts the growth of algae and promotes the healthy growth of plants in your aquarium.

Phosphates are released into the water through your fish's food. Too much phosphate can trigger algae growth which is detrimental to the natural growth of plants, which only need a tiny amount of phosphate to thrive.

It is a highly efficient product, with 1g of Phorax binding 12 mg of phosphate.

Juwel Phorax are suitable for use in fresh and marine aquariums.


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