Juwel Pump Adapter / Rubber Pump Socket

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For use with Juwel Pumps, this Juwel Pump Adapter / Rubber Pump Socket replaces your old unit to ensure the quiet running of your aquatic filtration systems - silent bliss!


  • Rubber Pump Socket
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Product Information

The Juwel Pump Adapter fits perfectly with the Pump 400, 600, 1000 and 1500. Juwel recommend that the pump adapter is replaced once a year to ensure that noise levels are kept to a minimum.

Every litre of filtered water has to pass through the Juwel Rubber Pump Socket, the socket is durable and can withstand wear and tear from the pump. The rubber can also harden over time and so you should check it regularly and replace it when you feel there is the need.

The Juwel Rubber Pump Socket is suitable for Juwel Pumps 204, 201 K, 301 K, 402 and 802.

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    Date 14/10/2015 07:10am
    Juwel Rubber Pump Socket
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    This product does the job but they never last long so it's expensive to keep replacing it. I guess it's designed that way to make more money for Juwel!