Juwel Rio 180 Aquarium and Cabinet Light Wood

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The Juwel Rio 180 Aquarium and Cabinet is a plug-in-and-play aquarium, with it's own filtration and lighting system and other modern features, but with a timeless sytle that never goes out of fashion.


  • Rio 180 Aquarium and Cabinet - Light Wood
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Product Information

With an impressive 180 litre capacity, the Juwel Rio 180 aquarium and cabinet is a striking piece of aquatic furniture. The fish tank and cabinet are manufactured to the highest standard, with a professional finish. This beech version has a versatile look and will look great in both contemporary and classic decors.

The matching cabinet provides great storage, in the form of two cupboards and two shelves. So you can be confident that all of your accessories will be safely at hand.

A Bioflow 3.0 filtration system is included as standard, complete with media for all three types of filtration. Backed up with an effective Eccoflow 600 circulation pump which processes the water to ensure a healthy and clear tank. A 200 watt heater is integrated into the pump to make sure the water is always kept at the correct temperature. Sturdy and shock proof, yet delicate enough to precisely monitor the temperature, the heater is a reliable addition to the set.

The Juwel High Lite system is integrated into the hood. Holding two efficient 45 watt T5 lamps which are ideal for healthy fish and aquatic plants. Low cost yet high performance, the T5 lamps provide fantastic value for money as well as the best possible lighting.

The Juwel Rio 180 combines Juwel's years of expertise and knowledge in to a perfect combination of stylish design and high performance. To make sure your new fish tank stays looking great, take a look at our range of cleaning equipment. From algae scrapers to nets, we are sure to have what you're looking for.


  • Juwel High Lite Light Unit
  • Juwel High Lite Day T5 Bulb (89.5cm, 45 Watts) x2
  • Juwel Bioflow 3.0 Compact Filter
  • Filter Media (Poly Pad 3.0, Carbon sponge 3.0, Nitrax 3.0, 2x Sponge fine 3.0, Sponge Coarse 3.0)
  • Juwel Eccoflow 600 pump
  • Juwel 200 Watt heater


  • Aquarium size: 101 x 41 x 50 cm / 39.8" x 16.1" x 19.7" (L x D x H), wt 29.5kg
  • Cabinet size: 101 x 41 x 73 cm / 39.8" x 16.1" x 28.7" (L x D x H), wt 28.5kg
  • Volume: 180 litres / 39.6 gallons


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