Juwel Rio 240 Aquarium and Cabinet Dark Wood

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The Juwel Rio 240 Aquarium and Cabinet combination features high-tech filtration and lighting systems built into an aquarium frame with classic style and sophistication - a true marvel to behold in any home.


  • Rio 240 LED Aquarium and Cabinet - Dark Wood
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Product Information

As a trusted manufacturer of aquatic furniture, Juwel's Rio 240 range presents a stunning aquarium, cabinet and a bundle of high performance essentials for the best tank possible. Comprising of an excellent internal filter, circulation pump, heater and an efficient heater the Rio 240 is ready for use, simply plug and play.

As you'd expect from a market leader such as Juwel they have included a highly effective Bioflow 3.0 filtration system, which includes media. All types of debris and dirt are passed through the coarse, fine and carbon sponges for the best possible filtration. The sponges can be cleaned by rinsing out in the aquarium water when you do a water change. Replacements can be purchased at a great price from Swell.

An Eccoflow 600 pump provides excellent water circulation to ensure good movement within the tank. Integrated in to the pump is a Juwel 200 watt heater, essential for tropical fish, the heater is shockproof, tough and accurate for the best results.

For healthy, thriving plants and fish the High Lite unit complete with two 54 watt T5 lamps is more than ideal. Providing an excellent source of light to promote great plant development and much needed natural light for fish, the light system is durable, uses a lower amount of energy and lasts much longer than traditional types of aquatic lighting.

In a sophisticated dark wood, this model looks great in both a more modern or classic décor. The matching cabinet has lots of space in the two cupboards and shelf unit, so storing all your aquatic accessories won't be a problem. The unit will sit well in all manner of rooms, so it will be a great, useful piece of furniture for years to come.


  • Juwel High Lite Light Unit 120cm
  • Juwel High Lite Day T5 Bulb (104.7cm, 54 Watt)
  • Juwel High Lite Nature T5 Bulb (104.7cm, 54 Watt)
  • Juwel Filter Bioflow 3.0
  • Filter Media - Poly Pad 3.0, Carbon sponge 3.0, Nitrax 3.0, 2x Sponge fine 3.0, Sponge Coarse 3.0
  • Juwel ECCOFLOW 600 l/h pump
  • Juwel 200 Watt Heater


  • Aquarium size: 121 x 41 x 55cm / 47.6" x 16.1" x 21.7" (L x D x H)
  • Cabinet size: 121 x 41 x 73cm / 47.6" x 16.1" x 28.7" (L x W x H)
  • Capacity: 240 litres / 52.8 gallons


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