Juwel Rio 300 Aquarium and Cabinet Beech

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The Juwel Rio 300 Aquarium and Cabinet makes aquarium keeping easy by including the essential aquarium equipment in one highly attractive 350 litre aquarium.


  • Rio 300 Aquarium and Cabinet - Light Wood
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Product Information

The Juwel Rio 300 is the largest of the collection with a huge 350 litre tank. Packed with features such as an internal filter, pump, heater and fantastic lighting system, you can create and maintain a stunning tropical aquarium.

The Rio 300 looks amazing in any large space, with the cabinet offering a sturdy and durable stand as well as storage. With two large cupboards either side of a central unit, there's more than enough room for all manner of accessories. In classic Beech the unit looks timeless and will fit into most decor schemes.

As with all of the Rio range, a top quality filtration system is included. In the Rio 300, as the largest tank, Juwel have incorporated the Bioflow 6.0. An incredibly efficient and powerful filter complete with media to run mechanical, biological and chemical filtration for the best results possible. An Eccoflow 1000 is also included for optimum water circulation, which alongside the filter makes for the most healthy, clean environment.

A powerful and accurate 300 watt heater is integrated into the pump, essential for tropical fish, the heater is tough and hardy in stature yet sensitive and accurate in process. Which means you can rely on the correct temperature for your tank around the clock.

Two T5 54 watt lamps are included as standard. In Daylight and Natural, they provide superb brilliance to promote gorgeous plant and fish health and development. They are housed within the hood in Juwel's own High Lite unit, which is fully waterproof and allows for access to the tank. Long lasting and low energy, T5 lamps are a fantastic light source.

As the largest tank in the range, the Rio 300 is a grand piece of aquatic furniture that will look fantastic in a big room such as a living room, hall way or conservatory. To keep it looking its best, it's a good idea to regularly test the water. Check out our range of test kits to keep your fish and plants feeling and looking healthy.


  • Two Juwel High Lite Light Units
  • Two Juwel High Lite Day T5 Bulb (104.7cm, 54 Watt)
  • Two Juwel High Lite Nature T5 Bulb 104.7cm, 54 Watt)
  • Juwel Bioflow 6.0 Standard Filter
  • Filter Media - STANDARD SIZE - Poly Pad 6.0, Carbon Sponge 6.0, Nitrax 6.0, 2x Sponge fine 6.0, Sponge Coarse 6.0
  • Juwel ECCOFLOW 1000 l/h
  • Juwel 300 Watt Heater


  • Aquarium size: 121 x 50 x 66 cm / 47.6" x 20" x 26" (L x D x H)
  • Cabinet size: 121 x 51 x 80 cm / 47.6" x 20.1" x 31.5" (L x W x H)
  • Capacity: 350 litres / 77 gallons


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    Date 12/09/2016 08:09am
    Juwel Rio 300 Aquarium and Cabinet - Beech
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    Would know the order was cancelled even though it had been confirmed by swell and payment had been made via paypal. Potentiall breaching sale of goos act by accepting layment to then inform me that could not meet their side of the contract
  • Rating
    Date 05/08/2017 08:08am
    Juwel Rio 300 Aquarium and Cabinet - Beech
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    Not a reflection of Juwels quality, It showed as in stock and available but it wasn't.