King British Green Algae Guard

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King British Green Algae Guard is tough on the causes of algae and slime, but gives your fish and plants the soft touch in tropical aquariums - just add the correct dose to your aquarium water!


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Product Information

King British Green Algae Guard helps to remove most forms of algae inlcuding filament algae and slime.

Algae uses oxygen from your aquarium, taking it away from fish and plants that will suffocate without it. Green Algae Guard is safe to use and will not harm plants and fish, so you can be sure of the best, safest results. It is safe to use in both fresh and tropical aquariums.

If your aquarium has a green haze visible on the surface of the water, or if you can see green fur growth building up, then you should treat your tank quickly, to avoid a bigger problem.

Dosage: 1ml treats nine litres / two gallons

Key Features:

  • Treats aquariums up to 900ltrs
  • Helps maximise oxygen availability
  • Clears most forms of green algae including filaments (fine strands) and slime
  • Regular use ensures a sparkling clean tank
  • For use in tropical and coldwater aquariums

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