King British Tubifex Natural Food

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King British Tubifex Natural Food is a healthy diet made up of natural worms which are often the food of choice for coldwater and tropical fish.


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Product Information

Great for cold water and tropical fish, the King British Tubifex Natural Food supports a healthy diet.

These tasty worms are freeze dried quickly into cubes after harvesting, which means all of the 100% natural flavour and nutrition are retained.

It can be dropped into the water, or even stuck to the side of the aquarium, so that you can watch the fish feed. These cubes are easy to digest and contain the optimum amount of vitamins, minerals and more.

They are suitable for tropical, marine and coldwater fish, as well as turtles and terrapins.

Key Features:

  • A very small, easily digested natural worm
  • Freeze dried immediately after harvest to retain flavour and nutritional value
  • In easy to handle cubes
  • Can be stuck onto the glass inside the aquarium making it fun to watch fish feeding
  • Helps complete a balanced diet

Product Specification

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King British Freeze Dried Tubifex 10g 10g
King British Freeze Dried Tubifex 35g 35g

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