King British White Spot Control

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King British White Spot Control is highly effective and immediate treatment for fish with external parasites, such as white spot


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Product Information

King British White Spot Control will easily treat parasitic infections such as White Spot ( or Ich). Look out for the fish swimming irratically, scratching against rocks and decor as well as tiny, white spots.

The treatment can be used in both cold water and tropical aquariums, and will start to work straight away.

Dosage: One millilitre of solution will treat up to nine litres of aquarium water.

Key Features:

  • Dosage: One millilitre for every nine litres of water
  • Immediate treatment of external parasites such as white spot
  • Effective treatment
  • Suitable for use in both freshwater and coldwater aquariums

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    King British White Spot Control 100ml
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    great product, great price.