Marina 5 Way Convertible Breeding Trap

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The Marina 5 Way Convertible Breeding Trap offers huge versatility to segregate aggressive and breeding fish, as well as allowing falling fry to be safely segregated from a primary tank


  • Multi Breeder
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Product Information

The Marina 5 Way Convertible Breeding Trap is a multiple chamber breeding trap that houses several fish at once.

The floating safety chamber can be used to house sick or failing fish or those that are more aggressive. It is also ideal to safely shelter pregnant fish, and can hold two at once. Perfect for a busy tank!

The bottom chamber collects the falling fry and safely houses them away from the rest of the tank.

Made from sturdy, clear plastic the trap allows you to closely monitor your fish. It is easy to assemble and attach to the side of the aquarium.


  • Height: 20.32cm / 8"
  • Length: 10.16cm / 4"
  • Width: 10.79 cm / 4.25"

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