Marina Pre-Set Submersible Heaters

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Marina Pre-Set Submersible Heaters are able to provide precision control and security over the temperature of your aquarium. All of these heaters are completely submersible and include a ceramic heater core for easy distribution


  • Pre-Set Submersible Heater 100w
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  • Pre-Set Submersible Heater 150w
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  • Pre-Set Submersible Heater 200W
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  • Pre-Set Submersible Heater 300w
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Product Information

Marina Submersible Heaters are available in a variety of wattages for all sizes of aquarium.

Each has an on/off light indicator for added reassurance and is made with safety glass.

The larger versions from 100 watts upwards, also have a temperature gauge to advise you of the precise temperature.

The heaters have a ceramic heater core which means that the heat is distributed evenly and efficiently throughout the aquarium.

These efficient heaters from Marina can be used in both fresh and salt water aquariums.

Key Features:

  • On/off safety light indicator
  • Temperature gauge on 100w, 150w, 200w and 300w
  • Safety glass
  • 2m cord
  • 2 year guarantee
  • Suitable for both fresh and salt water aquariums

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    Date 18/01/2015 22:01pm
    Marina Pre-Set Submersible Heater 200W
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    Paid £2.22 in the sale. I wouldn't complain even if I wanted to!
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    Date 17/06/2015 09:06am
    Marina Pre-Set Submersible Heater 150w
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    doing a fine job .may consider giving it a raise.