Marina Siphon Starter Bulb

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The Marina Siphon Starter Bulb is a self-priming method of controlling starting a siphon during tank maintenance, without the need for a unhygenic sucking on a hose pipe to kick-start water flow


  • Siphon Starter Bulb
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Product Information

The perfect accessory for gravel cleaners and siphons of all kinds, the Marina Siphon Starter Bulb is designed to help.

It works with all equipment with a 10-14mm diameter. Simply attach the Starter Bulb, and start the flow of water-simple! This is much easier than traditional methods of siphoning such as sucking the water yourself!

As it is powered by hand it is easy to control, which means the flow of water can be adjusted as suits.

All Marina equipment is designed to the best standards to make the very best of your aquarium.

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