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Koi carp care goes wrong in China

Koi carp care goes wrong in China

An attempt to look after Koi carp in a frozen lake in China ended in disaster.

Staff at a lake in Jiutai, China have given the world a lesson in how not to care for Koi carp.

After Kalun Lake froze over, workers became concerned about the Koi carp under the ice and the thick layer of snow above it.

However, their degree of concern was not matched by their level of expertise and attempts to clear the snow using a mechanical digger soon descended into farce.

Perhaps inevitably, the weight of the digger was too much for the ice to support and it cracked, sending the equipment plummeting into the lake.

Diesel from the digger subsequently leaked into the water, killing the very Koi carp the workers had hoped to safeguard.

People who look after fish are, however, right to be concerned about the effect a cold winter can have on their Koi ponds.

Pond Keeping Answers recommends that Koi Carp owners should consider taking measures such as installing heaters and insulating pond pumps and filters to help safeguard their fish from low temperatures.
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Tuesday, 26 Jan 2010, 5:07pm

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