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Garden ponds owners advised: Use kitchen waste for compost

Garden ponds owners advised: Use kitchen waste for compost

Garden pond owners looking for green ideas could use kitchen waste as compost.

Green-fingered enthusiasts who have installed a garden pond ahead of some outdoor entertaining this summer may want their flowers to look blooming marvellous.

And the best source of compost to help make this happen could be found in their kitchen, according to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

Writing a column for the Daily Telegraph, the charity's Advisory Team said doing this is an eco-friendly activity as it reduces the waste sent to landfill.

Principally, it is green waste which will be the most use, which needs to be separated and put on the compost heap.

However, food waste such as bones, dairy products, scraps, fish and meat can also be recycled for maximum environmental benefit - and many local councils offer a collection service.

These materials are used to power gas turbines which produce electricity, the RHS explained.

Last year, A Growing Obsession blogger Rachel Surtees wrote a column for the Guardian explaining how setting up a wormery could help gardeners produce "beautiful rich" compost for years to come.
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Sunday, 28 Feb 2010, 12:00pm

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