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Garden pond project improves north-east grot spot

Garden pond project improves north-east grot spot

A project to transform a grot spot with a garden pond has helped improve community relations.

Whether built in a private yard or a public place, a garden pond is capable of transforming any grot spot.

This is something residents of a block of flats in Grindon proved recently when they joined forces to create a community garden, reports the Sunderland Echo.

The Grindon Green Fingers (GGF) group project, which took place on Gillingham Road, saw fruit trees and herb planters put into the soil alongside a garden pond.

Project coordinator and GFF secretary Lesley Elliott said the area has had problems with anti-social behaviour in recent times.

However, she said the scheme is helping to turn the estate's fortunes around.

"A lot of the residents haven't spoken to each other for years, but this is bringing the whole community together," she remarked.

Last month, the Ellington Pond Group were celebrating after being awarded a £50,000 lottery grant to improve garden ponds in the village, according to the Morpeth Herald.

Posted by Christopher Neil
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Monday, 31 May 2010, 4:58pm

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