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Koi pond owner scoops overall Shed of the Year award

Koi pond owner scoops overall Shed of the Year award

The judges of the Shed of the Year contest were clearly impressed by Reg Miller's Koi pond.

A Caribbean-themed garden, complete with Koi pond, has helped Reg Miller scoop the 2010 Shed of the Year (SOTY) gong.

Mr Miller, who had already won the Unique Shed category last month, found out he had been awarded the overall prize yesterday (July 5th 2010).

The Southend-On-Sea resident trousered a £1,000 cash prize along with a goody bag from competition sponsors Cuprinol.

TV property presenter Sarah Beeny, who was on the panel, said she seriously admired his handiwork, adding she was impressed by its theme of escapism.

However, for Mr Miller, winning SOTY appears to only be the beginning - as his garden is still a "work in progress".

He remarked: "It's the ultimate accolade for shed owners. I've had loads of really positive comments from sheddies around the globe – it really seems to have caught everyone's imagination."

Other category winners included Nicola Brown's Studio shed in Shrewsbury and Tim Bowden, who caught the eye of the judges with his Doctor Who-themed outhouse.

Posted by Olivia Rose

© Copyright
Tuesday, 6 Jul 2010, 11:52am

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