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Less garden watering needed for Mediterranean plants

Less garden watering needed for Mediterranean plants

Those with little time for garden watering may decide to opt for Mediterranean plants.

Mediterranean plants are the perfect choice for those who do not want to be carrying out garden watering continually.

Garden designer Charlotte Rowe said that many exotic specimens which were only ever previously seen while on holiday are now creeping into British yards – as many require little H2O.

She recommended taking on board professional advice about the best flowers and trees for certain situations.

Ms Rowe, who is a member of the Society of Garden Designers, said it is essential that green-fingered enthusiasts consider a plant's needs before setting it in the soil.

"It is very important that you take advice on the right plants for the right place, so for shady areas don't try and put lavender in it and things like that," she remarked.

Those who opt for Mediterranean plants may also find hosepipe bans easier to deal with, as their specimens will require less garden watering.

United Utilities brought in a veto on using the equipment in most parts of the north-west of England earlier this month.

Posted by Christopher Neil
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Monday, 26 Jul 2010, 4:59pm

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