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Lots of garden watering 'will give stronger plants'

Lots of garden watering 'will give stronger plants'

Lots of deep garden watering is the answer to getting strong flowers, it has been suggested.

A horticultural expert has said that lots of garden watering will help plants grow stronger and healthier.

Bunny Guinness, columnist for the Daily Telegraph, told readers that to make plants survive during the summer months, it is important that gardeners provide their flowers with lots of replenishment.

Her biggest piece of advice was for people to give their crop a higher volume of water, which will enable roots to grow deeper.

She added that this will give horticultural fans "stronger, more self-sufficient plants".

Ms Guinness suggested that while a lot of Mediterranean flowers are used to infrequent watering and can cope with semi-arid climates, deeper water treatment will ensure that they survive through this summer to the next.

She also said that in order to keep roses in bloom, it is important to give them plenty of garden watering.

"A good can (two gallons) weekly or so," the horticultural journalist added.

Ms Guinness recommended people to take turns watering their neighbours' gardens, so that their flowers can stay healthy while they are on holiday.

Posted by Lee Paul
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Thursday, 29 Jul 2010, 3:23pm

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