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How to care for mini chocolate gourami

How to care for mini chocolate gourami

Parasphaerichthys lineatus has quite demanding needs.

The parasphaerichthys lineatus, also known as the mini chocolate gourami, is a tropical freshwater fish from Burma.

It should generally be kept in a species-specific tank as it can be out-competed for fish food by aggressive or larger tankmates.

Seriouslyfish.com suggests keeping them with at least six other mini chocolate gouramis in a tank with minimum base dimensions of 40cm by 20cm (16 by eight inches).

Fish tank heaters and coolers should keep the temperature between 22.2 to 27.2 degrees C (72 to 81 degrees F), with a winter temperature between 20 to 22.2 degrees C (68 to 72 degrees F) needed for optimum health.

The fish tank should have a soft substrate, as the fish is a bottom feeder, with driftwood or aquarium plants used to diffuse the aquarium lighting.

Aquarium pumps or air stones should not be powerful enough to create strong water flow as the fish's natural habitat is still water.

The pH should be kept between 6.5 and 8.0, with water hardness between two and 12 dH.

Posted by Lee Paul
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Saturday, 26 Nov 2011, 11:54am

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