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Aquatic supplies news at Swell UK

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Coral algae relationship decoded

Some corals and algae have a symbiotic relationship where they need each other to thrive. And now experts have discovered the secrets behind the genes that dictate this.The genome of the algae Symbiodinium minutum has been decode

Walking fish provides answers

A walking fish has been examined by experts who think it holds the key to evolution.Boffins believe the mudskipper could hold the key to how creatures went from sea to land over 350 million years ago.South Carolina's Clemson Universi

Fish could live below Antarctica

Complex animals and fish could be living in Lake Vostok 4km below Antarctica's ice sheet.Experts have found the kind of bacteria associated with molluscs, crustaceans and even fish. They say that below the ice sheet is a complex network of

Nitrogen cycle: In layman's terms

What is the nitrogen cycle? At its most basic level, the nitogen cycle is this: Fish poo and rotting vegetation gives off toxins that are harmful, so you need to convert it to something less harmful, then when you've done that you n

Aquascaping for the freshwater aquarium keeper

Aquascaping comes in many different forms. It is an artform in itself and just like any art there are many different genres. You cannot compare high Renaissance paintings to post impressionism and you cannot compare a biotope aquarium to an Iwagumi.

Marine aquarium: Set up and care

We’ve all sat in a dentist’s waiting room, or Chinese restaurant, admiring the majesty of the aquarium, you might have thought about keeping your own. As Mark puts it, “Some people watch their fish tanks like they would watch the t

Coral awareness day

June 9 was World Oceans Day and this year saw the launch of the Coral Triangle Day, a celebration of coral reefs. The day aims to raise awareness of corals as "the amazon of the oceans." Coral reefs are ev

Robofish: Serving the public trust

Robot marine fish have been tasked with discovering polution in harbours. The 1.5m yellow fish are made from carbon fibre and metal are patrolling Gijon harbour in Spain. Scientist Luke Speller said: "Robot fis

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