Nishikoi Niigata Professional

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Nishikoi Niigata Professional koi food is used by the breeders themselves, and features a natural and balanced meal to help get the best development out of your koi.


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Product Information

Nishikoi Professional Koi food is one of the most popular foods for these ornamental fish.

The food has been developed with the wealth of expertise of Japanese Koi farmers who keep their fish in clay ponds. The food contains:

  • Clay - for minerals and healthy digestion.
  • Vetreguard - immuno-supportive beta glucans, for increased health.
  • Natural Propolis - anti-inflammatory, bacterial and fungal properties.
  • Quality Fishmeal - highly digestible source of protein.

Using this specialised food will ensure the continued health and vitality of your Koi Carp, and also enhance their beautiful colours. Easily absorbed proteins ensure rapid growth with little waste.

For improved digestion each pellet also contains Vetreguard, an immune system boosting beta glucans that improves fish's resistance to stress, disease and infection. Natural Propolis improves natural gut health too and a strong digestive system.

Added vitamins C, D & E support healthy bone formaution, gleaming skin and an active dispostion which means you get to see your fish in their best condition. 

Niigata Professional should be fed to koi when pond temperatures are above 10⁰C (50⁰F) or when koi are actively seeking food.

Latest Customer Reviews

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    Date 19/08/2016 15:08pm
    Nishikoi Niigata Professional 10kg Medium
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    good quality product have been using it for a while now
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    Date 18/07/2016 08:07am
    Nishikoi Niigata Professional 10kg Medium
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    It's fish food!!
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    Date 15/07/2016 12:07pm
    Nishikoi Niigata Professional 450g Sm
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    As described and arrived in good condition and when promised.