Nishikoi Pond Cocktail

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Nishikoi Pond Cocktail features a potent mix of 5 different pond fish foods, ensuring that all species are well fed, regardless of feeding behaviours and taste.


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Product Information

Pond Cocktail is a stick, pellet and flake food mix and an ideal maintenance diet for all sizes and varieties of pond fish and Koi. Containing all the right levels, the highly digestible protein allows your fish to utilise it more efficiently whilst the stabilised Vitamin C content helps maintain fish health and vitality.

The food is a blend of:

  • Nishikoi Staple -sinking pellets for bottom feeders
  • Pond Sticks - a great everday food
  • Pond Flakes - for surface feeders
  • Koi Sticks - perfect food for Koi Carp
  • Wheatgerm - high fibre, low fat food

It has stabilised vitamin C too which supports a healthy, strong immune system and also ensures that your fish look as beautiful as possible with vibrant colours and gleaming scales. With 24.8% protein content, this food will make sure that your fish grow beautifully. Spirulina adds to the anti-oxidant level too boost inner health and promote the most beautiful, natural colours.

Feeding Instructions: Feed as much as your fish can eat, and remove any excess food to avoid a waste build up. We recommend moving on to a wheatgerm food when the temperature drops to below 8⁰C


  • Protein 24.8%
  • Oil 4.8%
  • Ash 6%
  • Fibre 2.6%
  • Vitamin A 3350iu
  • Vitamin C 240mg
  • Vitamin D 1600iu
  • Vitamin E 115mg

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