Nishikoi Sinking Pellet

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Ensure the fish who feed near the bottom of your pond get a well balanced diet too, using Nishikoi Sinking Pellets - ideal for catfish and trench who rarely like to approach the pond surface.


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Product Information

Nishikoi Sinking is a sinking pellet for sterlets, tench and catfish which offers the same high performance of the Nishikoi Growth diet.


Nishikoi Sinking Pellet enables bottom feeding fish to feed without having to compete at the surface with other fish.

  • 37% protein for growth.
  • Small Pellet approx 5mm
  • Anti Oxident action of Vitamin C & E to help the immune system.
  • Spirulina (enriched with essential fatty acids) that aids natural colour.
  • Sinking pellet.
  • 100% re-sealable, water resistant jars for freshness

Feeding guide:

  • Feed Nishikoi Sinking 2 - 4 times a day (depending on the temperature).
  • Feed only as much as the fish will consume within a few minutes.

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