Nitto Medo Air Pump

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Reliable and powerful, you can help oxygenate your pond with this Nitto Medo Air Pump, achieving up to 120L of air per minute to help your fish breathe, espeically when the weather is hot!


  • Medo LA 120
    code: APU320 Available (Usually delivered in 4 days)
  • Rubber Boot and Clips (to fit manifold, 45 and 80 only)
    code: AP485 Available (Usually delivered in 4 days)
  • 4-Way 25mm Manifold (Medo 120 only)
    code: AP420 Available (Usually delivered in 7 days)

Product Information

Nitto Medo pond air pumps are designed and manufactured using top knowledge and research from their base in Japan. It's important to distribute the air around the pond to ensure the good health of fish and plants as well as ensure good water conditions and clarity. As the Medo Air Pump provides a current in the water, oxygen is disseminated and reaches all areas easily.

The pumps use Teflon pistons to pump the air into the base of the unit. It relies on an electro magnet and spring system which is long lasting and reliable. The pump is quiet and vibration free, so will not cause any noise disruption in your garden. Use with 8mm braided airline only for the best result.

This unit requires the 25mm manifold and 25mm smooth bore tubing (not available) to connect to an air stone. The manifold can be ordered separately above.

If you have the Nitto Medo 45 or 80 Air Pumps we also have in stock the rubber clips and manifold kit to connect to airline.

Key Features:

  • 120 litres per minute
  • Pistons create efficient performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Can work at great depths
  • One year guarantee
  • Manifold available separately

Product Specification

Product Output Guarantee
Nitto Medo LA 120 120lpm 1 Year
Nitto Rubber Boot and Clips (to fit manifold, 45 and 80 only) n/a n/a
Nitto 4-Way 25mm Manifold (Medo 120 only) n/a n/a

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