NT Labs GH & Minerals UP

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NT Labs GH & Minerals UP helps you to increase the water hardness in your pond, making a more suitable environment for various pond fish and plants for their health and wellbeing. Get it at the best price here at Swell UK.


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Product Information

NT Labs, GH & Minerals UP has been designed to increase the hardness of the water in your pond and keep essential biological processes working well.

To avoid stagnating and acidification of the water, maintain a water hardness of 8⁰Dh to ensure that the levels of calcium and magnesium are at the desired level for a healthy pond. Calcium and magnesium are vital components for healthy plant growth and micro-organisms that consume miniscule algae cells keeping your pond crystal clear.

Dosage Instructions:

  • To increase the GH of your pond water by 3-4ºdH, use 50ml to 340 lts of pond wate
  • Dissolve the product in a bucket of pond water, ensure fully dissolved before adding directly to the pond.

3 sizes available; 1.5kg, 5kg, 20kg.

1L Treats 6800lts / 1500 gallons.

Product Specification

Product Size
NT Labs GH & Minerals UP 1.5kg 1.5kg (treats 6800ltr, 1500gals)
NT Labs GH & Minerals UP 5kg 5kg (treats 20400ltr, 4500gals)
NT Labs GH & Minerals UP 20kg 1kg (treats 6800ltr, 1500gals)

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