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A great new product from NT Labs, an an extension of the very popular Probiotic Range, this Probiotic Growth will positively impact the growth of your Koi, and target optimum potential from its specific set ingredients.


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Product Information

This product has been researched over years through scientific testing to ensure that it is the best quality food to provide to your prize-winning Koi. This is designed to target growth through its finest quality ingredients. This will promote targeted food uptake to ensure there is specific nutrient absorption, so your Koi will get the best food and get the most from everything they eat.

This food also contains all the great quality of the standard Probiotic range, including krill, spiruline and stimmune to ensure a healthy growth, development and also a good immune system. This is a great food to help with colour enhancement as well, with the main benefit being the helpful Probiotic bacteria included to ensure there is a good-bacteria boost, meaning your fish are stronger and have more vigorous digestive systems, so they will then continue to absorb nutrients better. Probiotic Growth contains the ideal balance of ingredients to ensure they are used for healthy body tissue gains.

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    Date 30/08/2016 12:08pm
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  • Rating
    Date 28/04/2016 16:04pm
    Seachem De Nitrate 1L
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    Starting to lower the nitrate level - time will tell how effective it is longer-term
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    Date 24/01/2016 08:01am
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    It does was it says on the jar. Worked perfect in my marine tank. Thank you
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    Date 13/01/2017 08:01am
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    Does what it says, would recommend as an essential part of fish keeping
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    Date 05/03/2015 21:03pm
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