NT Labs Parazoryne

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NT Labs Parazoryne helps clear out external parasites in salt water fish but won't harm the corals in your reef tank, making it perfect for reef marine aquariums. A 10 day course, it is best bought from Swell UK at our low prices.


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Product Information

NT Labs Marine Parazoryne is a reef safe treatment that will treat all manner of parasitic infections including white spot (or Ick).

Parasitic infections can show as an obvious irration or spots, grey slime mucus and scratching against decor and rocks.

It works by supporting healthy regeneration of damaged skin tissue which will restore fish to health.

Key Features:

  • Can be used with other medicines
  • Supports healthy recovery from infections and stress
  • Used over 10 days to ensure a complete recovery

Dose Rate:
5 drops per 10 litres every day for 10 days.
5ml per 200 litres every day for 10 days.

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    NT Labs Parazoryne
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